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Ear cleaner When you get started with cotton swabs, you push the dirt further into the ears. The Vapor Ear Cleaner does not, it removes the dirt, gently and painlessly! Another disadvantage of traditional cotton swabs is that you can permanently damage the ears because you insert them too deeply. The built-in safety piece of this ear cleaner prevents too deep penetration into the ear, safe and professional! Hygienic, Soft & Safe! This ear cleaner cleans your ears painlessly using gentle negative pressure and does the work for you in this way. Deposits in the ear are gently aspirated. The device is completely wireless, so it's handy when traveling. The washable, interchangeable soft silicone attachments make it perfect for the whole family. NB! works on 2x AA 1.5v battery (not included) Highlights * Handy for the whole family * Interchangeable attachments * No more fiddling with cotton swabs * Proven better than cotton swabs * Soft and painless * Suitable for children and adults * Also handy for traveling! * 4 pieces of washable silicone attachment For hygienic reasons, products can only be returned unused and in their original packaging. Colour: White Length article: 50mm Width article: 100mm Height item: 150mm Weight item: 120 gr Quantity in box: 84 pieces Width outer box: 365mm Height outer box: 300mm Outer carton length: 775mm Outer carton weight: 12,000 gr HS Code: 85,098,000 Outer box EAN: 8719831790395 Material: Plastic

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